Whole body Cryotherapy (WBC): A natural therapeutic process

Using cold to fight inflammation is a well known treatment, whether it is an icepack for analgesia and to decrease swelling or an antipyretic cold wrap. Whole body cryotherapy also called whole body cryo stimulation goes much further triggering a series of systematic reactions in your body.

Whole body cryotherapy was first applied by Prof. Yamauchi in Japen in the year 1980. Prof. Fricke was the first to use whole body cryotherapy 1984 in Germany, from where WBC started its triumphal procession by studies poving possitive effects on chronical pains, rheumatic disease and many other indications.

Till the end of the 1990ies WBC was mainly used in medical field. Than top class sports institutions started to discover further potentials beside pure medical use of whole body cryostimulation in training and competition.

With the start of the new millenium, medical spa and luxury wellness destinations started to use the Cold Sauna treatment to enhance wellbeing, as preventive healthcare and invented new protocols like treating jetlag with icelab -110 °C.