icelab -110 °C / -166 °F is the modern Cold Sauna for whole body cryotherapy.

The icelab −110 °C / −166 °F – a highly effective systemic physical short-term therapy with long term effect – simple and secure use, with great pleasant effect.

The modern Cold Sauna (cryo-sauna, cryotherapy chamber, cold chamber) is equipped with multitude of technical finesse assuring highest standards regarding security, energy consumption, reliability and ease of use. Environmentalism today is a must. Beside low energy consumption, a operator may use our heat recovery system, which is ideal to heat up water for swimming pools.

The method is used worldwide very successfully in the spa business, professional sport and medical field. icelab −110 °C / −166 °F by Zimmer MedizinSysteme offers a system that combines the lowest maintenance and operating costs, with the best control and ease of use while maximum reliability assures you all the time all benefits of whole-body cryotherapy.

This homepage guides you to operators providing whole body cryotherapy for a healthier lifestyle in spa, for sportsmen and in medical field.

To learn more about the treatment itself, the use of cryotherapy and technical details of icelab -110 °C, please follow our links.